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I've gotten into the habit of browsing the romance section over on PaperBack Swap, not because I'm looking for something to read, but because I get a huge kick out of some of those book titles. Romance novels, category romances in particular, have some of the most ridiculous titles. We're talking titles that tell you the entire story in four words so you don't actually have to buy or read the book, and yet...people do!

Here are a few examples. I assure you these are, in fact, real titles of actual romance novels.

*clears throat*

The Multi-Millionaire's Virgin Mistress (Wait...isn't "virgin mistress" an oxymoron?)

The Prince's Royal Concubine (Wait...didn't we just discuss this one?)

Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child (Because what's hotter than an unplanned pregnancy?)

Bedded for Passion, Purchased for Pregnancy (Because the only thing sexier than an unplanned pregnancy is the fantasy of becoming a brood mare.)

And, my personal favorite...

My Sister, Myself (I'm betting this one was released exclusively in West Virginia.)

Why do women buy this stuff by the truckload, and why can't I make money writing it? Oh, right, because I'm a cynic who derives pleasure from unhappy endings because she finds their realism refreshing. Yeah, I could never write romance, not even the schlocky variety. I'd probably make the playboy force his mistress to abort the love-child, and have the virgin leave the millionaire after he lost all his money in a freak "economic downturn." But...I'd have the brother and sister live happily ever after :-)
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