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I haven't written in a few days because I've been tied up with finals and the show.

We openned on Friday night. Oh man, all of us were so nervous but, much to everyone's surprise, we had a fabulous performance!!! Dude, we had people laughing and crying, and they were just RAVING afterwards. For the last two nights we've had full houses and gotten standing ovations at the end.

Last night we had a Q and A with the audience after the show. About 25% of the audience stayed to participate which I thought was pretty damn nifty. Anyway, one guy asked the cast how this show had effected us on a personal level. And I decided to get ballsy. So I raised my hand and told him that I was bisexual and explained about the hate email I got because of my involvement in the show and that it was my first experience with homophobia since I came out 9 years ago. And I looked over at Liz while I was talking and she had this look on her face she finally understood. I mean, up to that point she had no idea what my sexual orientation was, and she looked at me as though she understood why I had been so upset and nervous about the threat of Fred Phelps coming to protest the show, and why I'd said the stuff I said about the show outside of rehearsal.

Afterwards Noah, David, and Marty all gave me hugs and told me how brave I was. And Heather walked home with me and we speculated about the orientations of our fellow cast members. Oh and Marty told us that next year he's probably gonna be attending Knox, studying theater of course :) I think that's so cool. He will be a REALLY valuable resource to the theater department.

Anyway, we have two more shows today, a matinee and an evening show and we are expecting full houses for both performances. Afterwards we strike the set and's over.

Not just the show, but finals too. I have a test and a paper due in a few hours, and then I'm done, done for good. My laziness got the best of me and I think I'm gonna fail my Stereotypes and Prejudice class, but ironically it won't make any difference. As long as I pass math and AP, (and there is no doubt that I will) then I will have more than enough credits to graduate and my cumulative GPA will still be high enough to warrent it.

I can't wait to call my mommy tomorrow. I haven't been able to speak with any of my family since the start of tech week. I need to finalize some last minute graduation plans with them, and tell them how the show went. I can't wait to see them in...FOUR DAYS!!! Yay!!!!

Sometimes it's good to be me.


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