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I knew the minute I wrote that "I'm not gonna be around for a while" post the fates would step in and render it completely moot. That's one of the unbendable rules of the internet cosmos: if you are haughty enough to pen an "I'm leaving" post you will be ineveidably pulled back to the post you abandoned within a month. Yes, even the internet has a gravitational pull.

All of five minutes ago I got a new job!

As of July 11th I will be the new Administrative Assistant in the Office of Donor and Corporate Relations at Sarah Lawrence College.

For those of you who don't know Sarah Lawrence is one of the most prestigious small liberal arts colleges in the nation. Whereas Knox is a second tier liberal arts college, Sarah Lawrence is first tier. It's the ivy league of its class. It's located in Bronxville, a small town in Westchester county. It's about an hour commute. the bad part is it's rather inconveniently located. To get there I have to take a bus from my house to the metro-north station, catch the metro-north to Bronxville, and then catch a cab from the Bronxville train station to the college. Round trip the cost of my daily commute is gonna weigh in at just under 20 bucks. 100 a week. 400 a month. But I'm getting a 10K pay raise so that'll help. The job is your typical M-F 9-5 deal just like I wanted.

And here's the best part, Sarah Lawrence is home to one of the best graduate creative writing programs in the country, and as an employee I would be able to take classes for FREE!!! That's right, you heard me, FREE! Which is great cause their graduate program is mad expensive. Over 65K for a two year MFA! Crazy, right?

This is exactly what I wanted! Haven't I been saying for over a year that my big plan was to get hired at a college with a creative writing MFA program so I couuld earn my degree for free? Well, I DID IT!!! I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT!!! I said I was gonna do it and I DID IT!

So tomorrow I'm gonna waltz into Elisabete's office, give her my two weeks notice and thus put an end to my inprisonment at NYIT.

This is without a doubt the best birthday ever.



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