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Last night was horrific. The temperture got up to 106 during the day, and when I arrived home at six the thermometer said it was 99 degrees in my apartment. I started the AC immediately and made sure it was set to the coolest setting, 60 degrees. For hilarity's sake, I spent the next eight hours documenting my AC's progress through Facebook status updates. Here is the basic run down:

I started the AC at 6:00 PM and the temperature was 99 degrees.

By 8:00 PM the AC had been running for two hours and the temperature in my apartment was still 99 degrees.

The sun finally set around 8:30 or 9:00 PM. No more sun shining directly into my westerly facing window.

By midnight the temp had dropped to 90. Progress, finally.

By 2:00 AM it had gone down to 88 and I went to bed.

I spent another hour tossing an turning, too uncomfortable to sleep. I'd spent most of the evening prior to that laying naked and motionless on my bed with the air vents blowing directly on me, and even then the sweat was running down my back, my stomach, my sides, my thighs. Hell no longer frightens me because now I've been there and I know what to expect.

But, this is what happens when you live in an attic apartment, though in the five years I've lived there it has never gotten so hot that the AC simply could not cool the place down. A lot of people have asked if there is something wrong with my AC, and as far as I can tell there isn't. It works fine on days when it's not 106 outside!

I'm going to spend the rest of the week camped out on my mother's couch.
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